Golang unset or delete element item in array

There is no function to unset the element in array, but we can use the slice. In example We want to remove the 3rd index, become...

Quote of the day 01 February 2019

Lebih baik di awal cuek, tapi akhirnya perhatian, daripada awalnya perhatian, tapi akhirnya cuek.

Quote of the day 06 January 2019

Menjadi jujur mungkin tidak membuatmu mendapatkan banyak teman, Tapi akan selalu membuatmu mendapatkan teman yang sebenarnya.

Tips setting new Mongo

Edit /etc/mongod.conf If you want mongodb access from other ip, edit bindIp to bindIp: Go to mongomongo use admin db.createUser({user:'root', pwd: 'root', roles: })

Udemy – Docker & Docker Compose for Beginners

Reference: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-4GG27B1K/